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“No amount of sleep will reduce the fatigue that makes me feel like I’m walking around all day with one of those lead aprons that they use at the dentist’s office for x-ray protection.
— Tim, Phoenix, AZ

“…when I “wake up” in the morning, if I actually managed to get some sleep, I feel like I haven’t even been in bed. It’s such an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. Arms and legs feel like lead – and there is a sense of failure – even though you know this is not the case.”
— Crystal, Cleveland, OH

quite a way to start a post, i know. fair warning: this will probably be quite a long and rambling post. if you don’t have a cup of coffee in front of you, you might want to go grab one. the story may seem random throughout, but i promise it will all come together at the end!

so…it’s hard to know where to start, so i’m just going to go WAY back. somewhere around the time i was 8 years old, i began experiencing low back pain. my parents took me to drs. and specialists everywhere. since i was so young, i don’t remember a ton, but i do remember trips to special drs. who took x-rays and had me bend this way, and that way. this went on for years and years. we got answers like: “she has a bit of a curvature of the spine, but not enough that should cause this type of pain”, or “one leg is slightly shorter than the other…wear this insert in your shoe”. however, we never really got solid answers that solved the problem or relieved the pain. i saw chiropractors of every variety. the cracking kind, the deep tissue kind, the pressure point kind. they all offered limited relief.

i also seemed to be the kind of kid who was alway sick. it was always something. allergies, asthma, sinus infections, strep throat, etc. etc. in high school i experienced issues with TMJ. it got so bad that for several months my jaw was locked. i couldn’t even fit a spoon in the space i was able to open. i would have to mush my food up flat and eat it that way. i was able to get relief with a mouth piece that i wore when i slept. while i haven’t had it lock up like that since, i still experience pain occasionally and NEVER chew gum anymore.

i was always a tired person. i remember coming home from junior high and high school on the bus every day. i’d lay down on the couch and sleep until dinner time…every night. i think my parents and i just chalked it up to being a teenager and the rapid growth that takes place at that time. i was an early-to-bed kid. even in college, you wouldn’t find me up past 10:00pm. on the random night i did stay up later, i’d pay for it. not just the next day like normal kids, but for days after. i was just worn down. again, i just assumed it was the pressures of college.

after college i moved to the “big city” of minneapolis. i got a job at a design firm. it was here that i first experienced symptoms of iritis. the whites of my eyes would get red and painful. the only way i can explain the pain is like my actual eyeball was bruised. it hurt to move my eyes, they were sensitive to light, and it was miserable. i saw opthalmologists and was given drops. they never really worked all that well. again, since i had just moved to the city and started a job sitting in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day, i attributed it to that. symptoms would come and go for years.

as the years went on, i’d try and get my drs. to look into things more. i was convinced that all of these things were related in some way and that if we could just figure it out, things would be so much easier. i cannot tell you how much blood i’ve given over the last 26 years of my life, or how much radiation i’ve been subjected to with x-rays and MRIs. everything always came up negative. i was afraid i was one of those people that drs. would roll their eyes at.

after the birth of my youngest son, my pain became much worse. i tried physical therapy, acupuncture, steroid injections, and finally resorted to going to a pain management clinic; convinced that i was never going to get an answer and that i just needed to manage my pain the best i could.

then in august of 2012 i got sick with what was supposedly a sinus infection. (i still don’t believe that was the real problem) i was physically unable to make it through my days. exhaustion isn’t even a strong enough word to describe what i was experiencing. after 6 months straight of being sick, 6 rounds of antibiotics, a MRI of my sinuses, and multiple visits to an ENT specialist, i said enough. i reached out to my pain management nurse and told her that i needed someone to take me seriously. knowing that it’s not what they specialize in there, i thought she would be more likely to listen and not brush me off like other drs. seemed to.

i explained to her that after years of research online, i thought i had found a specific autoimmune disease that fit so many of the medical issues that i had experienced throughout my life. as i told her more, she listened closely and set me up with a referral to a rheumatologist in green bay.

i had my first appointment in mid-march. during that appointment, i told him all the medical issues i have had and am currently having. i did not mention the specific autoimmune disease that i had found because i didn’t want to sway his thought process in any way. at the end of the examination, he said the words i’d been waiting to hear for nearly 10 years. “we’re going to test you for ankylosing spondylitis.” then the heavens opened and the angels sung a hymn. that is the EXACT autoimmune disease i’ve been telling my drs. to look into for YEARS. i had about a gallon of blood taken and a MRI of my lower spine done. then, yesterday (may 1st) i went in for my follow-up to get my results. his official diagnosis: ankylosing spondylitis. (i’ll let you look it up, but long story short, it encompasses all of the medical conditions i experienced throughout my life. the pain, the jaw issues, the eye issues, the exhaustion, all related.)

it may seem odd that i would be excited to hear that i have an autoimmune disease. i get it. but, for 26 years of my life, i have been in constant pain. pain without explanation or successful treatment. trying to explain this to people made me feel like a hypochondriac. “so yeah, i’m in constant pain, always sick, and tired beyond exhaustion…..with no reason.” makes you feel a little crazy. i would honestly dread invitations to parties and events where i knew i’d be expected to be awake past 10:00pm. even if i didn’t drink at these events, i’d experience worse than a hangover. it would take me days, maybe even a week, to recover…..only from staying up late! crazy!

many people may be surprised to learn of this. i’ve heard from others before that they’d never guess that i was experiencing all of this. the thing is, talking about how much pain you’re in all the time doesn’t really make for great small-talk. so, unless you’re my immediate family, or a very close friend, you likely didn’t get the joy of hearing about it. i’ve heard things like “but you’re always so positive and happy!”. while that may be true, in most cases, you’re only seeing a small portion of my day. it’s easy to put on a facade while i work with a client for a few hours. it’s what happens when i get home that nobody sees. (except for my hubby and kids, who i owe the world to. they’ve all been amazing through all of this. my poor kids hear: “mommy’s not feeling good today” more days than not. hopefully that can change, and i can be a mom who’s more present in their activities.)

so, while the news isn’t what one would want, it does allow me to finally treat the condition instead of just live with it. right now that means new drugs, and a VERY strict anti-inflammatory diet. there is no cure for this disease, but with drugs and the right diet, i can decrease the amount of degeneration i experience.

if you made it all the way to the end, i applaud you! i’m not really writing this for anyone’s sympathy or pity. i’m only writing it so that the people in my life might better understand what i’m experiencing and why i’m going to be one of those “weird food people” and why i may be the first to leave the party. it’s really a hard thing to describe to someone that’s never experienced it. which brings me full-circle to the beginning of the post. when doing research, i found the two quotes i listed at the beginning of this post. they really sum up the way i feel physically, better than i ever could.

thanks for caring enough to make it to the end! <3




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tap tap tap….is this thing on? + big news!

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well hello there! you thought i dropped off the face of the earth, didn’t you? yeah, me too! the truth is that i’ve just been really, really busy and something had to give. unfortunately this means my little blog got quite neglected.

on a positive note, i have some super big news to share, and what a better place to do that, than here! this might get a bit lengthy, so grab a cup of joe and dig in!

as most of you know, i’ve been running a stationery business for the last 11 years. while i love what i do, i’d love to focus more on design and less on running a business and producing products. so, over the last year or so i’ve been exploring the option of licensing off my work to other companies. what does that mean exactly? well, i would still design my products as usual, but after the design is done, i just hand over the files and someone else actually pays for, and manufactures, the products. this frees up my schedule tremendously since i only have to focus on designing. it also frees up by bank account as i won’t have to invest in producing (and warehousing) hundreds of thousands of products!

initially i thought i’d try to find a larger company (like hallmark, but not hallmark) to take on my line of cards and products. after a lot of research and a trip to the national stationery show in may, i was put in contact with jewel branding and licensing. jewel is a licensing agent that has a great history of working with greeting cards. what is a licensing agent you ask? well, the best way i can explain it is to compare it to a movie star. no, i’m not becoming a movie star! but, movie stars have agents. the agent’s job is to get them jobs. wether it be in movies, appearances, etc. well, jewel is the same thing, except instead of getting me roles in movies, they’re finding homes or jobs for my artwork. hopefully those homes will be with larger greeting card companies who can easily produce and distribute my designs to a much larger audience.

along with finding new homes for my designs, they will hopefully help me expand my brand to include new and exciting things like pattern design. those kid’s sheets you just bought at IKEA? yeah, an artist licensed that artwork to IKEA and they had the rights to print it on bedding. those cute journals in target, yup, licensed from an artist. nearly everything you see with artwork on it has been licensed from an artist.

what does this mean for my stationery line? well, i’m not quite sure yet. as of right now, i’ll continue to sell the products through my distributor. however, as images are licensed, i will no longer be able to use them for my own line. so, over time, my wholesale line will become smaller and smaller until it’s no longer worth while to continue them. i’m not setting anything in stone at this point. we’ll see how it goes and play it by ear!

are you still with me? that’s a lot to digest! hopefully i answered most of your questions, but if not, feel free to leave a comment! i’m so excited to be a jewel artist and designer. hopefully this will be an exciting new venture for my little business.

before and after :: coffee table turned ottoman

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here’s my most recent before and after project. it started off with a coffee table in awful shape, but with nice lines.

IMG_7618 copy

yikes! lots of work needed here. i got the foam from a garage sale and cut it to the size of the table. i pained the entire table a bright golden yellow to match the floors in our adjoining sunroom. i bought some fabric from the local fabric store and got to work. i actually covered the foam in a layer of inexpensive fabric first to make sure any imperfections in the foam didn’t come through on the finished project.

IMG_8700 copy

i went to work sewing the final cover and piping the edges.

IMG_8701 copy

i finished it off with some aqua buttons for tufting to ensure the fabric wouldn’t move around with our feet up on it all the time.

IMG_8703 copy

weekly vintage wardrobe

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how can it be friday already? yikes! i meant to get this posted on monday but my week got away from me. here are a few of my recent thrifted outfits. happy friday!

IMG_0171 copy

peacock blue dress :: goodwill :: $5.00(ish)
large beaded necklace :: fringe benefits (thrift store) :: $1.75
long beaded necklace :: fringe benefits (thrift store) re-fashioned :: $1.75

IMG_0177 copy

pale blue pinstriped dress :: thrifted :: $5.00(ish)
large beaded necklace :: fringe benefits (thrift store) :: $1.75

IMG_0164 copy

navy blue and white vintage dress :: bethesda :: $3.00(ish)
cream button-up sweater :: st. vinnie’s :: $3.00(ish)
gold multi-chain necklace :: vintage, gifted :: $0
leather belt :: fringe benefits (thrift store) :: $1.99

IMG_0158 copy

black boat neck sweater :: goodwill :: $5.00(ish)
long beaded necklace :: fringe benefits (thrift store) re-fashioned :: $1.75
levi’s skinny jeans :: new

IMG_0191 copy

pink dress :: target clearance rack :: $10.00(ish)
cream angora sweater :: st. vinnie’s :: $5.00 (ish)
cameo necklace :: estate sale :: $8.00

IMG_0199 copy

grey button-up cardigan :: goodwill :: $5.00(ish)
black & white shirt :: goodwill :: $5.00(ish)
ombre grey & brown skirt :: anthropologie clearance rack :: $10.00 (ish)
long black necklace ::bartered :: $0


in other news :: happy valentine’s day

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happy valentine’s day from all your pirate pals from paisley wallpaper!



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weekly thrifted wardrobe

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back by popular demand (ok, so one person asked!). i’m bringing back my weekly wardrobe post. however, going forward i’ll be focusing on my thrifted outfits. in order to qualify for being featured, my outfit must be at least 50% thrifted. i’ll try to include details of where i purchased everything and how much i paid if i remember. the number of outfits per week will vary by what i wear, but i hope to include at least a couple per week.

IMG_0101 copy

vintage silk blouse :: estate sale :: $1.50
oversized sweater :: goodwill :: $5.00(ish)
bottoms :: levi’s skinny jeans :: new

IMG_0106 copy

grey button-up shirt dress with suede belt :: target clearance :: less than $10.00
angora sweater :: thrifted :: $3.00(ish)
boots :: new (kohl’s)
cameo necklace :: estate sale :: $8.00(ish)
wood and metal stud bracelet :: thrifted :: $3.00

IMG_0110 copy

vintage floral button-up shirt :: estate sale :: $1.50
toggle button belted sweater :: thrifted :: $5.00(ish)
gap jeans :: clothing swap :: free!
necklace :: bartered :: free!

i realize it’s hard to see the details of the jewelry in the photos, so i’m including them at the end in their own photos:


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