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dear farmboyz

Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:33 No Comments

thank you so much for your lovely, encouraging, & supportive comment about my son’s naughty mat. thank you also for insulting my occupation. i truly appreciate it. please continue to visit often and leave your valuable comments so that i can spend all of my day deleting them. hugs…….

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nss right around the corner

Thursday, April 27, 2006 1:50 No Comments

it’s officially less than one month until i leave for the annual national stationery show in new york. even more, it’s only two weeks until my shipment has to go out with everything i will need! it’s always such a rush to get everything done and out the door in time. this will be my […]

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a visit from our local police dept. (or: our neighbor needs a naughty mat)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 2:35 No Comments

on saturday night around dinner time, our doorbell rang. it’s pretty unusual for us to have unexpected guests, so the hubby and i gave each other the “who could that be” glance, and i got up to get the door. when i rose from the couch, i could see a squad car parked out in […]

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introduction to the naughty mat

Saturday, April 22, 2006 23:24 No Comments

we have officially implemented the naughty mat at our house. for those not familiar with a naughty mat, it’s basically the same as a time out, but there is a small square of carpet involved. when the little dude misbehaves now, we bring out the naughty mat and put it in the middle of the […]

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hard to believe….

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 2:04 No Comments

that it was just snowing here a couple weeks ago! on saturday, we took a walk down to the lake (michigan). it was a little brisk, but still lovely for april. we live only three blocks away, so it’s nice and convenient. since we moved to this house in november, the last few weeks have […]

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items of note

Thursday, April 13, 2006 0:35 No Comments

there are several items i need to touch on today: first of all, thank you to everyone and your ever-so-sweet comments on my last post. i truly appreciate it….you have no idea what it means. an update on the same subject: my dr. called back today with information from her colleague. it turns out that […]

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excitement and then….disappointment

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 1:32 No Comments

had my dr. appt. today to find out what kind of “treatments” we could do to help assist in our baby making. my dr. suggested some things that my past drs. had never done, so i was pretty excited at the possibilities. she sent in the prescription and everything. i was feeling pretty positive about […]

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end of the quarter

Friday, April 7, 2006 2:28 No Comments

it’s hard to believe that a quarter of this year has already come and gone! another review of my goals for the year. first my business goals: 1. sales have been better than last year overall. march pretty much sucks as far as sales go. it’s typically a slow month and this year wasn’t much […]

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