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Monday, February 6, 2012 13:51
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back by popular demand (ok, so one person asked!). i’m bringing back my weekly wardrobe post. however, going forward i’ll be focusing on my thrifted outfits. in order to qualify for being featured, my outfit must be at least 50% thrifted. i’ll try to include details of where i purchased everything and how much i paid if i remember. the number of outfits per week will vary by what i wear, but i hope to include at least a couple per week.

IMG_0101 copy

vintage silk blouse :: estate sale :: $1.50
oversized sweater :: goodwill :: $5.00(ish)
bottoms :: levi’s skinny jeans :: new

IMG_0106 copy

grey button-up shirt dress with suede belt :: target clearance :: less than $10.00
angora sweater :: thrifted :: $3.00(ish)
boots :: new (kohl’s)
cameo necklace :: estate sale :: $8.00(ish)
wood and metal stud bracelet :: thrifted :: $3.00

IMG_0110 copy

vintage floral button-up shirt :: estate sale :: $1.50
toggle button belted sweater :: thrifted :: $5.00(ish)
gap jeans :: clothing swap :: free!
necklace :: bartered :: free!

i realize it’s hard to see the details of the jewelry in the photos, so i’m including them at the end in their own photos:


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  1. kelli jo says:

    February 8th, 2012 at 8:43 am

    you look hot (and really skinny)!!!!! go runner, go!!!

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